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Blog Posts in January, 2010

  • Ethex Recall Lawsuits

    On November 7, 2008 Ethex Corporation, a subsidiary of KV Pharmaceuticals, issued a nationwide recall of five of its generic drugs. The recall was due to the risk that the pills contained a higher dosage of medication than indicated. These drugs were carried by pharmacies and wholesalers all over the country. Some patients received up to twice the intended dosage , and were hospitalized due to the ...
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  • Popcorn Workers Lung (Diacetyl) Lawsuits

    Diacetyl , a chemical used in microwave popcorn butter flavoring, is directly responsible for a nationwide outbreak of a rare respiratory disease impacting the microwave popcorn industry. Formally known as bronchiolitis obliterans, the disease is more commonly referred to as popcorn lung or popcorn worker’s lung. Workers who routinely breathe vapors from butter flavoring before adding it to ...
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  • 1.5 Million Strollers Recalled Due to Risk of Finger Amputations for Children

    Recently, Newell Rubbermaid Inc. voluntarily recalled 1.5 million strollers after they received numerous reports of children’s fingertips being caught in their hinges. The U.S. Product Safety Commission has reported that in some instances, this has led to serious cuts and amputations. The recall includes Graco Passage, Alano, Spree and Travel Systems strollers. The strollers were sold at ...
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  • Chrysler Group LLC Recalls Some Cars Due to Brake Defect

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the Chrysler Group LLC was recalling over 24,000 vehicles due to defects that could result in brake failure. The problem was discovered during routine quality inspections that revealed some vehicles were built with the brake defects. These defects could result in the driver being unable to exert enough force to stop the vehicle. ...
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  • McNeil Issues Recall of Popular Over-the-counter Drugs

    McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a division of Johnson & Johnson, recently recalled several hundred batches of popular over-the-counter medicines: Benadryl, Motrin, Rolaids, Simply Sleep, St. Joseph Aspirin, and Tylenol. The batches were recalled after McNeil received complaints about moldy-smelling bottles of Tylenol Arthritis Relief Caplets. As a result, some consumers have reported temporary ...
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  • Increase in Use of Toxic Metal Cadmium Poses Safety Concerns in Children’s Jewelry

    It was recently reported that Chinese manufacturers have been using the dangerous heavy metal, cadmium, in charm bracelets and shiny pendants sold widely in the US. This trend comes as a result of a ban on using lead in children's jewelry due to its toxic nature. Testing of certain pieces of jewelry has revealed up to 91% of cadmium by weight. Exposure to cadmium by sucking or biting jewelry with ...
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  • Safety Concerns Related to Gardasil Vaccine

    Gabby Swank, a teenager in high school, decided to get the Gardasil vaccine after seeing the popular commercials. After she got each dose of the vaccine she became more and more ill, eventually suffering from seizures, strokes and heart problems. Eventually, her neurologist determined that Gardasil was to blame for her condition. Gardasil is a vaccine given to prevent certain types of the human ...
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  • FDA to Review Increased Health Risks Associated with Aranesp, Epogen and Procrit

    The FDA recently announced that it would review the safety of widely used anemia drugs sold by Amgen and Johnson & Johnson: Aranesp, Epogen, and Procrit. This announcement comes in the wake of a finding that high doses of the anemia drug Aranesp might lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes in its users. A recently published commentary in The New England Journal of ...
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  • FDA cites dangers from lead and arsenic in Nzu

    The FDA and the Texas Department of State Health Services recently notified healthcare professionals and consumers about the dangers of the product Nzu , which is a traditional remedy sold in African specialty stores for morning sickness. This medical alert applies especially to pregnant or breastfeeding women, and came in the wake of the discovery of high levels of lead and arsenic found in the ...
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  • Treating Beef with Ammonia Not as Safe as Previously Thought

    Several years ago, Beef Products Inc. came up with a new way to remove deadly E. coli bacteria from hamburger meat: to inject beef with the chemical ammonia. The New York Times recently reported that this process of making beef safer is not as effective as federal officials claim. This brand of processed beef is widely used for hamburgers by many fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger ...
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