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  • Depuy Recall Exposes Flawed FDA Procedures

    A recent article by the New York Times reveals a flawed medical implant system that is under intense scrutiny after the recall of 93,000 DePuy A.S.R. hip replacement implants. Originally promoted as a breakthrough in design that would last patients at least 15 years, the device is failing worldwide at unusually high rates after just a few years. Some patients have had to undergo painful operations ...
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  • State Officials Pushing Legislation to Stop Sex-Offending Doctors

    A recent Chicago Tribune report shows that Illinois policymakers are taking steps to stop sexual misconduct by physicians in this state. State officials are pushing a number of bills that are aimed at stopping doctors who sexually abuse patients. The report details reforms such as legislation by Attorney General Lisa Madigan that would require law enforcement officials and state regulators to ...
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  • Painkiller Ziconotide May Trigger Suicides

    Experts warn that the painkiller ziconotide is linked to an increased suicide risk in vulnerable patients. The drug is a synthetic version of a toxin derived from a marine snail and is used to treat severe chronic pain in patients that do not respond to other medications. Although treatment with the drug helps block out the pain, researchers found that it also causes psychiatric complications and ...
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  • Study Finds Patient Safety Is Not Improving in Hospitals

    Hospital stays continue to be hazardous to a patient's health and efforts to reduce medical mistakes are falling short, according to the first large study of patient safety in a decade. The recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine focused on the practices of 10 North Carolina hospitals from 2002 to 2007. Researchers chose North Carolina because the state is considered a leader ...
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  • FDA Delay May Have Caused Thousands of Deaths

    After decades of controversy over the painkilling drug propoxyphene, sold as Darvon and Darvocet, the FDA recently pulled it from the market. But new data shows that the agency's delayed response may have been deadly for thousands of patients who took the drug. The medical community expressed serious concerns over health risks associated with the drug for most of the 50 years that it was on the ...
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  • J&J Recalls Benadryl, Motrin

    Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson announced yet another recall...this one involves four million cherry-and-grape flavored Children's Benadryl allergy tablets and about 80,000 bottles of junior-strength Motrin caplets. The company cited manufacturing problems as the reason behind the recall, but said that the medicines still work and are still safe for consumers to use. The recall is aimed at ...
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  • Thanksgiving Weekend Dangerous for Drivers

    Thanksgiving is one of the busiest and most dangerous times of year for drivers, with more than 40 million drivers expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend. Along with an increased incidence of drunk driving, other road hazards include season weather problems and traffic jams. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 354 fatal accidents happened over Thanksgiving ...
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  • Seniors Using High-Tech Sensor Networks in Homes

    A recent CNN report shows that some seniors are using technology to stay independent without sacrificing their safety. Sensor networks, which are common in hospitals and assisted living centers, have found their way into the homes of some older Americans. The high-tech systems collect information about a person’s daily habits and conditions, then relay that information in real-time to doctors or ...
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  • Preventing Medical Mistakes

    As Medical Malpractice attorneys at the Pintas & Mullins Law Firm recently reported, medical mistakes are becoming far too common, leading to thousands of deaths and costing billions of taxpayer dollars every year. Patients are especially at risk on Thanksgiving. A recent study revealed that medical mistakes are more likely to happen on Thanksgiving and other major holidays. An editorial from USA ...
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  • Thanksgiving Warning: Deep Fried Turkeys Lead to Burn Injuries

    Deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving has become a popular trend, leading to delicious yet potentially dangerous results. Deep fried turkeys carry a greater fire risk than their traditional baked counterparts, and additional safety steps should be taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. Every Thanksgiving results in reports of house fires caused by deep frying turkeys. When oil is used to ...
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  • FDA Cracking Down on Drug Risks after Avandia

    Recent and bitter debates over the diabetes drug Avandia and other controversial drug products appear to be getting the attention of regulators. Industry insiders say that the Food and Drug Administration is increasing its scrutiny of product risks, particularly those caused by diabetes drugs. The FDA imposed severe restrictions on Glaxo's Avandia drug in September, following three years of debate ...
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  • Medicare Agency Takes Steps to Improve Harmful Patient Care

    In the aftermath of a new federal report that found one in seven Medicare patients experienced harmful care while hospitalized, the government health program for the elderly is taking steps to improve patient safety. As we recently reported in this blog, each month an estimated 15 percent of Medicare patients suffer from complications that extend their stays, contribute to their deaths, and cost ...
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  • Hospital Care Deadly for Some Medicare Patients

    An alarming new government study shows that an estimated 15,000 Medicare patients die each month as a result of hospital care. Medication errors account for more than half of these deaths. The study, released last week by the Department of Health and Human Services, is the first of its kind. It randomly sampled a nationally representative group of 780 Medicare patients who were discharged from ...
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  • Nissan Recalls More than Half a Million Vehicles

    Steering problems led Nissan to recall more than half a million vehicles in North and South America last week. The Japanese automaker is recalling 303,000 Frontier pickup trucks and 283,000 Xterra sport utility vehicles built between 2001 and 2008. A corrosion problem with the lower steering column joint and shaft has been shown to limit steering movement, making the vehicles difficult to steer. ...
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  • Drug Firm Hired Athletes to Draw Doctors

    Another scheme of gift-giving to doctors recently came to light when one of the nation's largest drug manufacturers reportedly used a group of professional athletes to lure doctors to dinners where pharmaceutical companies could pitch their products. A new report by the Washington Times shows that Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp. paid more than $3.6 million in fees to top sports figures such as New ...
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