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Blog Posts in April, 2007

  • Jury Awards $2.8 Million Against Allstate in Katrina Coverage Case

    “Attorneys say a federal jury that awarded more than $2.8 million to a man who lost his home to Hurricane Katrina sends a strong message to insurers who refused to pay thousands of other homeowners for damage from the storm. “Insurers should worry about taking any case to a jury,” said David Rossmiller, a Portland, Ore.-based attorney who writes a Web journal on Katrina insurance cases and other ...
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  • Texas Judge Threatens Viability of All State Vioxx Claims

    A recent ruling by Texas state court Judge Randy Wilson may be the end of nearly 1000 Texas Vioxx cases. The ruling was based on a recent FDA Administrative Rule which effectively preempts all state law failure to warn claims. Read more at
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  • Welder Awarded $3 Million For Lung Damage

    The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a jury verdict of $3 million awarded to a welder injured by welding fumes.The focus of the appeal was expert testimony by Dr. Michael Houston, whostated that the plaintiff’s pulmonary and respiratory problems were caused by inhaling welding fumes. The expert further testified that the plaintiff would need to be retrained to work a job in an irritant ...
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  • Details of Doctor’s Past Revealed

    Many state laws keep doctor histories safe from public review. This is especially the case when considering peer review reports. However, the sketchy past of an OB/GYN doctor in Texas was revealed after a long (and ongoing) court battle.As you read the following except from, keep in mind that this doctor still practices. According to Ellison’s ruling, 16 of Benson’s patient charts ...
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  • New York Jury Awards $35 Million in Asbestos Claim

    Edward Martin, an insulator, and Robert Lettiere, a boilermaker/steam fitter, alleged that they were exposed to asbestos in powerhouses by the negligent conduct of Robert A. Keasbey. Lettiere originally filed a claim for asbestosis but amended his complaint after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2005. At trial, Keasbey argued that the men's lung cancers were cigarette smoking-related and ...
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  • Judge Rules FDA Preempts State Law in Thimerosal Claims

    A federal judge in Pennsylvania recently ruled on a Thimerosal case that may have disastrous effects on those harmed by the vaccine preservative. The ruling essentially states that the FDA is the law of the land on drugs, preempting all state consumer protection laws.Considering the track record of the FDA in protecting Americans over the last 5 years, that is a frightening thought. “The ...
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  • Physicians and Pharma Closely Intertwined

    A recent article in Forbes magazine brings light just how embeded the pharmaceutical industry is in the medical profession. “The ties between doctors and drug manufacturers are close indeed, with virtually all doctors reporting some kind of relationship with industry, even if it’s as seemingly innocuous as accepting free food and beverage, a new study has found. But the relationships vary ...
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  • Merck Wins First Illinois Vioxx Trial

    “The high-profile trial over Vioxx late last month in Madison County was just an early skirmish in what could be years of litigation here and elsewhere over Merck & Co.’s once highly touted painkiller. The jury, after a month-long trial, rejected pleas to slap Merck with tens of millions of dollars in damages for the 2003 death of a Granite City woman who spent 20 months on Vioxx. Though the ...
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  • IBS Drug Zelnorm Taking Off the Market

    “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested that Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation of East Hanover, New Jersey, voluntarily discontinue marketing of Zelnorm (tegaserod) based on the recently identified finding of an increased risk of serious cardiovascular adverse events (heart problems) associated with use of the drug. Novartis has agreed to voluntarily suspend marketing of the drug ...
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  • Doctor Admits ‘Greed Subverts Healthcare’

    It is likely known by all doctors, but very few will admit: Greed subverts healthcare.The following is an article in the Portsmouth Herald Local News about a brave doctor who is telling it like it is. “Dr. Terry Bennett, the controversial and opinionated Rochester physician who has traveled the world practicing medicine — including a stint as physician to the Saudi royal family — does not have ...
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  • Campaigning For Medical Error Disclosure

    Believe it or not, some state laws forbid the disclosure of medical errors.Below is an article from a Colorado woman seeking disclosure of medical mistakes: “GOLDEN – The loss of her only son still a sharp wound, Patty Skolnik is determined to make Colorado the 16th state to publicize malpractice judgments against doctors. Skolnik, of Centennial, appeared at a news conference Tuesday where Health ...
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  • Illinois Jury Awards $144 Million in HMO Fraud Case

    “A onetime Illinois HMO was hammered with a $334 million judgment Tuesday, the largest of its kind ever in northern Illinois and an amount almost equal to the company’s profits since it was founded. U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber added a $190 million penalty on top of an October $144 million jury verdict against Amerigroup Illinois and Amerigroup Corp. for purposely not insuring ...
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  • News Media Vessel for Hospital Propaganda

    This is an interesting article written in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, addressing the problem with hospitals getting in bed with the news media: “Local television stations are now making deals with hospitals to air their propaganda disguised as news. Frankly, I don’t understand this new development, as based on over 30 years of closely observing the local television scene, local stations ...
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