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Blog Posts in June, 2006

  • Rampant Crime on Cruise Ships

    “Like so many other tales of cruise-ship crime, Janet Kelly’s story begins with a cocktail and ends with a confidentiality agreement. Six years ago, on the last night of a Mexican cruise returning to Los Angeles, the Arizona businesswoman stopped at a poolside bar before dinner. The bartender, who in the days prior had been friendly but not overly flirtatious, handed her a fruity concoction that ...
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  • More Recalls of Guidant Defibrillators

    On June 26, 2006, Boston Scientific, which acquired Guidant in April, 2006, announced the recall of a new subset of pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators from its sales force and hospital inventories. The new subset includes INSIGNIA and NEXUS pacemakers, CONTAK RENEWAL TR/TR2 cardiac resynchronization pacemakers, and VENTAK PRIZM 2, VITALITY, ...
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  • 1999 Vioxx Study Caused Deaths, Study Not Stopped

    A recent report on National Public Radio uncovered another disturbing fact in the Vioxx saga. As we know, Merck halted a study in 2004, and withdrew the drug from the market, after researchers discovered an increase in heart attack deaths. However, the cardiovascular risk showed up as early as 1999 in a study that Merck researches decided to continue. Started before the 2001 VIGOR study, results ...
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  • Drug Companies Spend Millions on Gifts to Doctors

    “Pharmaceutical companies try to sway doctors with gifts as little as coffee mugs and as lavish as $25,000 speaking engagements, according to a report released Thursday. Doctors are pushed to prescribe expensive prescription drugs through a variety of means, according to the study by consumer groups. However, the report could not find a direct link between the gifts and physicians doing the ...
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  • State Farm Denies Coverage for Tornado Damage

    “Reckless and malicious” is how a jury described State Farm’s conduct in refusing to compensate a policy holder for damage done to his home in 1999. A tornado in Oklahoma City seven years ago destroyed many homes in the area. Recognizing the possibility of serious financial losses, State Farm actively hired engineers to both underestimate the value of the homes damaged, and to conclude that the ...
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  • Triaminic Vapor Patch Recalled Due to Serious Side Effects

    “Novartis Consumer Health and FDA notified patients, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals that the sponsor is conducting a nationwide voluntary recall of all Triaminic Vapor Patch products due to reports of serious adverse events associated with accidental ingestion by children. Triaminic Vapor Patch is labeled as a cough suppressant for children two (2) years of age and older and is ...
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  • Malpractice Lawsuits Make Healthcare Safer

    A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine argues that more lawsuits will decease the amount of medical errors. In fact, the article states, the current environment where malpractice victims’ rights are under attack will only lead to more needless errors down the road. Echoing what malpractice attorneys have been saying all along, article calls for a shift of focus ti corporate and ...
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  • FDA Places Suicide Warning on Paxil

    In light of a recent study indicating a higher rate of suicide and suicide attempt with Paxil over a placebo for treatment of psychiatric disorder including Major Depressive Disorder, the FDA and Paxil maker GlaxoSmithKline updated their warning label to include suicide. This warning is long in coming, especially in light of the similar warning directed towards adolescents and children put on ...
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  • Major Insurance Companies Continue To Refuse Katrina Claims

    “Nine months after Katrina’s record-setting storm surge destroyed some of the most desirable real estate on the Gulf Coast, the signs are a clear signal that people here are losing hope of ever being made whole again. Private insurer losses for Katrina are estimated at $40 billion to $60 billion, making it the costliest catastrophe in U.S. history and renewing debates about the insurance ...
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  • ADHD Drugs Send Thousands to the ER

    A recent study reveals that thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms across the U.S. due to accidental and intentional overdoses from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs. The US Center for Disease Control released the study, estimating that over 3,000 people each year are sent to the ER. Based on this information many doctors are calling for the FDA to place a black box ...
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  • Error During Routine Surgery Causes Death of 11 Year-Old

    An 11 year old boy died from complications during a routine surgery to drain an abscess in the boys ankle. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement reported the event, citing careless medical errors and sloppy adherence to safety protocols during the surgery. This is another tragic example of a failed system of safety procedures in some hospitals. Had this occurred in Illinois, the recovery of the ...
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  • Merck Minimized Risks in Vioxx Study

    A second look at the APPROVe study, which indicated an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes after 18 months of Vioxx use, shows an actual risk increase after only 4 months of use. Researchers reviewing the APPROVe data show an increase in the amount of reported heart attacks after only 4 months of Vioxx use. Of course this strikes at the very core of Merck’s key defense: that the increased ...
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  • FDA Reports Benzene in Soft Drinks

    The FDA recently reported levels of the known carniogen Benzene in everyday soft drinks. It appears that the Benzene is appearing in drinks which ingredients include benzoate salts, a preservative, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Under certain conditions involving storage and handling, Benzene inside the soft drink may be created. The FDA reports that the levels do not present an immediate concern, ...
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  • Doctor’s Suspenion For Giving Plaintiff Testimony Cleared by N.C. Appeals Court

    A new tactic taken by doctors and their insurers is to stifle testimony given by doctors on behalf of injured plaintiffs. Many states require a doctor signature affirming a meritorious claim before a lawsuit can be filed, while all medical malpractice actions require expert testimony from a doctor stating how the defendant doctor was negligent. By suspending or censuring doctors who testify on ...
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