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Blog Posts in August, 2006

  • Lawsuits Not Reason For Doctors’ Tight Lips on Errors

    “…As debates over medical malpractice raged in Washington and across the country, many doctors have blamed a litigious system in the United States for discouraging doctors from openly admitting mistakes to patients. Those same doctors have held up the Canadian system, which drastically limits liability and discourages lawsuits, as a model. But it turns out that it’s not the risk of lawsuits that ...
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  • Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Computers

    On the heels of the recent Dell recall , Apple Computers recalled 1.8 million of its own laptops for battery fire risk. Apple received reports of nine overheating batteries, with 2 of the reports involving minor burns to the users. Both Dell and Apple use batteries made by Sony, and Sony is expected to assist the companies in the cost of the recall. The effected computers include: Computer model ...
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  • More Dangers With Accutane Use

    “CHICAGO – Accutane, the powerful acne drug already known to cause birth defects, seems to raise the risk for potential heart and liver problems more than doctors had expected, according to a new study. The findings came from lab tests on 13,772 patients taking the popular acne drug and underscore the need to closely monitor people taking isotretinoin, which is sold as Accutane and in three ...
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  • Dell Recalls Laptop Computers For Risk of Fire

    Dell recalled nearly 3 million of their laptop computers worldwide due to a risk of fire with the battery. Dell received six reports of the batteries overheating causing a minimal amount of property damage. No injuries have been reported. The effected computers include: Latitude™ D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810; Inspiron™ 6000, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 500m, ...
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  • Merck Slapped With Second Setback in Vioxx Cases

    On the same day a jury in federal court awarded Vioxx plaintiff $51 million, New Jersey state court Judge Carol Higbee threw out the verdict for Merck from the November of last year. Citing new evidence, including the fact that Merck withheld crucial data from the VIGOR study and new deposition evidence, Judge Higbee awarded the plaintiff’s request for a new trial. This second victory for those ...
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  • Merck Loses Second Federal Vioxx Trail

    In a monumental victory for those injured by Vioxx across the country, a jury awarded Mr. Gerald Barnett $50 million in compensatory damages, and an additional $1 million in punitives damages. Mr. Barnett, a retired FBI agent, suffered a heart attack after 31 months of Vioxx use. The award is especially significant because of the defense attorney that the plaintiff was up against. Phil Beck, out ...
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  • Study Finds 1 in 5 Chance of Error in Kids’ Cancer Drugs

    “Kids with leukemia treated as outpatients at Seattle Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center have about a 1-in-5 chance of being given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, a study being published today says. Most mistakes the researchers found were trivial, although three could - but did not - cause problems for the children, said the lead researcher, Dr. James A. Taylor, professor of ...
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  • Patient Care Is Lost In Corporate Medical Practices

    Recently, an article was brought to my attention concerning the state of affairs with large hospitals vis-a-vis patient care. It was the story of a man whose life was saved by his primary care physician, who works out of a small office with one other doctor and two dogs. The doctor became concerned about the man’s acid reflux and sent him to a large corporate hospital for testing. The doctor who ...
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  • Celebrex Case Set for Trial in Alabama State Court

    Possibly one of the first Celebrex cases to go before a jury is Rosie Ware v. Pfizer.Ms. Ware suffered a stroke at age 53. Ms. Ware took Celebrex for over 4 years before suffering her stroke in 2005. Similar to the Vioxx cases, the lawsuit alleges that the defendant’s failed to warn doctors and consumers of the potential risks and serious cadiovascular side effects associated with the drug.
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  • New York Jury Returns Verdict of $3.5 Million in Welding Fume Case

    A New York State jury returned a verdict of $3.5 million to the Estate of a man exposed to asbestos found in welding rods. Unlike the majority of welding fume claims, this case involved the asbestos exposure from the welding rods, and not the manganese exposure. The asbestos related injuries are easier to prove, thanks to the years of asbestos litigation and scientific studies. Parkinson’s Disease ...
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  • Settlement Reached in 2001 CHA Housing Fire

    Family members of a woman killed with her 1-year-old son reached a settlement with one of the contractors for the Chicago Housing Authority. The deaths occurred during a fire that broke out at the Harold Ickes Homes on the South Side.The fire was caused by children playing with matches, however the deaths were a result of the contractors failure to install and maintain smoke detectors on the floor ...
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  • FDA Warns of Triptan and SSRI Combination

    “FDA notified healthcare professionals and consumers of new safety information regarding taking medications used to treat migraine headaches (triptans) together with certain types of antidepressant and mood disorder medications (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and selective serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). A life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome ...
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  • Cancer and Other Health Problems From Groundwater Contamination

    “After a detailed study of the most widespread industrial contaminant in U.S. drinking water, the National Research Council will report today that evidence is growing stronger that the chemical causes cancer and other human health problems. The 379-page report clears a path for federal regulators to formally raise the risk assessment of trichloroethylene, known as TCE, a step that has been tied up ...
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