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Blog Posts in 2006

  • Texas Court System Rigged By Insurance Companies

    The following is a great Op-Ed regarding a families tragic loss and the failure of justice in Texas. “Our legal system is rigged. Texas families seeking their day in court are coming face-to-face with the reality that insurance companies dominate our courts and have run roughshod over our constitutional protections. Few cases are a better illustration of the difficult battle Texans face when they ...
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  • Coroner Jury Finds Woman’s ER Waiting Room Death A Homicide

    The tragedy of Ms. Beatrice Vance, who died in a ER waiting room chair of a heart attack, is criminal. A coroner’s jury declared that the death is a homicide, resulting from gross deviations in the standard of care. The woman sat in the ER for two hours complaining of classic heart attack symptoms, but was found slumped over dead by the time the nurses got to her. Clearly this sort of tragedy ...
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  • Hasbro Recalls Toy After Reported Deaths

    Hasbro’s Playskool recalled 250,000 Team Talkin’ Tool Bench toys after the reported deaths of two small children.The children suffocated by choking on an oversized plastic nail included with the bench. Read more at
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  • Drug Companies Pay For More Than One-Half of FDA’s Drug Review Budget

    In 2004, major drug companies paid for 53% of the FDA’s drug review budget, and the drug firms are looking to give more in an effort to push the industry’s agenda. More likely than not, the drug firms will get their wish. The FDA is one of the very few regulatory bodies that actually haggle with the industries they oversee for contributions to their budget. I can’t see how this is not a conflict ...
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  • Drug Errors Injure More Than 1.5 Million A Year

    A recent study from the highly regarded Institute of Medicine revealed that more than 1.5 million patients are injured by drug error in hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices.The report found that a hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication offor per day, and that a preventable drug error can add nearly $6000 to a hospital bill of a single patient. The Insitute called for ...
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  • Defense Verdict in First Prempro Trial Against Wyeth

    In the first of thousands of cases involving the hormone replacement drug Prempro and Premarin, a federal jury found for the defendant, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The drugs are derived from the urine of a pregnant horse, and have been linked with an increase risk of breast cancer. Not only is the risk of breast cancer increased, but the types of tumors caused by the drug are difficult to detect and ...
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  • Waukegan Woman Dies After Two-Hour Wait in Waiting Room

    In another example of gross medical negligence, a 49-year-old Waukegan woman died of a heart attack after being neglected for two hours in the waiting room of Vista Medical Center. The county coroner ruled the death a homicide, and the state attorney’s office is considering pressing charges. This is just another example of why doctors and hospitals should worry less about limiting victims’ rights ...
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  • $13.3 Million Verdict in 2005 Benzene Case

    In September of last year a Missouri state jury awarded a plaintiff’s estate $13.3 million after findinghis diagnosis of a rare blood disorder was caused by Benzene exposure.The suit involved a chemical leak from a BP plant in Missouri.The leaked chemicals contained Benzene, and the BP did not dispute that there was a leak, only that the leak was not the cause of the blood disease. Theblood ...
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  • Another Possible FDA Failure With Ketek

    Dr. David Graham of the FDA’s drug safety office (who notably first brought the FDA’s shortcomings to light late last year while testifying in front of the Senate Finance Committee) is now focusing on the FDA’s failure to properly test and warn of the antibiotic Ketek. The drug has been linked with severe and life threatening liver problems.Dr. Graham stated in an internal memo: “It’s as if every ...
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  • CA Court of Appeals Upholds $82 Million Verdict Against Ford in Rollover Case

    A California Court of Appeals upheld the $82 million dollar jury verdict awarded to a women paralyzed when the roof of her Ford Explorer collapsed during a rollover. Evidence presented to the jury indicated that Ford new the Explorer was prone to rollovers, but decided not to take measures to protect passengers because it would cut into profits.The ruling upheld a $55 million punitive damage ...
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  • Guidant Never Mailed Warning Letters to Doctors

    The pending litigation involving defective heart devices made by Guidant recently revealed that Guidant actually drafted a letter to doctors in 2005 warning them of potential problems with certain devices.The problem?It was never sent. Company documents reveal that the January 2005 letter included notice of Guidant’s intention to pull back devices that had not been already implanted.The “Dear ...
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  • Report Concludes Bausch & Lomb Only Lens Solution To Cause Recent Infections

    “Federal disease control experts and leading eye doctors have formally concluded that Bausch & Lomb’s ReNu with MoistureLoc was the only contact lens solution contributing to an outbreak of potentially blinding fungal eye infections earlier this year. But the researchers’ report, to be published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, says it remains unclear how the product ...
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  • First Prempro Trial Are Ready In Arkansas

    The first Prempro trials are set for jury selection in U.S. District Court in Arkansas. The plaintiff alleges that her use of the hormone replacement drug caused her breast cancer. She took Prempro for eight years before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Plaintiff’s allege that drugmaker Wyeth withheld important information regarding cancer risks, and were more worried about the bottom line that ...
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  • Jury Awards Woman Shot in Wal-Mart Parking Lot $4.2 Million

    “Lee, an employee at the Hapeville Ford Motor Co. plant, stopped by the Riverdale Wal-Mart after work at 1:30 a.m. on March 8, 2001, to pick up party supplies. Her 9-year-old son was asleep inside her Ford Explorer, which she parked under a light pole close to the front entrance. When she left the store, Riggins demanded her keys. Lee dropped the keys and ran, but Riggins shot her in the back with ...
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  • Merck Still Liable, Judge Overturns Award in Recent Vioxx Case

    Judge Eldon Fallon threw out the jury’s $50 million dollar compensatory verdict in the recent federal Vioxx case.Finding that no reasonable jury, absent passion or prejudice, could find $50 million in compensatories for the plaintiff. Compensatory damages include items such as past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, loss of normal life, loss of society. Considering only ...
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