Study Shows Non-Profit Nursing Homes Offer Better Care

A recent study performed by the University of Toronto indicates that non-profit nursing homes in the United States offer better care than for-profit homes. The study considered 40 cases comparing non and for-profit nursing homes between 1993 and 2002. The study showed that residents in for-profit nursing homes had higher rates of development of pressure ulcers, were subjected to greater use of psychoactive medications, and were more frequently placed in restraints.

The study does not explain the descrepancy, but reason would dictate that the pressure to make money often predominates over patient care. This ultimately leads to a focus on the bottom line rather than the best care of the residents.

On another note, be very leary of any nursing home that purports to be “non-profit.” Often non-profit nursing homes pay out huge sums of money to those with an ownership interest in the home. Some investigation into the financial workings of the home is always a good idea.


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