Most Expensive Healthcare in the World; Lawsuits No Factor

As if we needed another study proving that malpractice lawsuits have nothing to do with the skyrocketing malpractice insurance premiums. US citizens pay 53% more per person for health care than any other industrialized country. And in spite of the political rhetoric being tossed around by the current administration and in Springfield, malpractice lawsuits have little impact on these high costs.

This study, compounding upon previous studies, shows that the effect of lawsuits on health care costs is minimal. Medical malpractice actions (including payouts and costs of defense costs) account for less than 1% of spending. Defensive medicine, the idea that doctors perform unnecessary tests to cover their tails, makes up no more than 9% of total spending.

“What we said three years ago and still reiterate is, it’s prices, stupid,” said Dr. Gerald Anderson, lead author of the report and a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Read the complete article in Investor’s Business Daily here.

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