Brandon's Arms: Flawed Handgun Design Paralyzes Child

To give you some idea of the types of cases that the new gun laws will eliminate, consider the plight of Brandon Maxfield of Northern California. He was shot in the face by a Bryco Arms pistol, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down for life. A jury found that the safety feature on the handgun was defective. The safety required the user to put it on “Fire” in order to unload the gun. It is not a stretch to see how Brandon’s babysitter shot him while trying to unload the gun to prevent a dangerous situation.
The original design allowed the safety to be on while unloading the gun, but the design was scrapped to deal with a jamming problem with the gun.
The same gun continues to be made by Bryco, now operating as Jimenez Arms.
Brandon did not receive a cent from the jury verdict. The owner of Bryco Arms, Bruce Jennings, declared bankruptcy, and spent 1.3 million in legal fees to claim bankruptcy and avoid paying the judgment and other creditors.
Mr. Jennings spent over $900,000 last year on a new house, car and aircraft.

Find more information about Brandon’s case here.

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