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Blog Posts in 2005

  • Writers for Medical Journal Paid by Drug Industry

    A recent article in the Wall Street Journal details the disturbing, if not frightening, practice of trusted scientific journals to publish research studies written by ghostwriters working for pharmaceutical companies. Not only are the writers in the employ of drug companies, but also the articles are published under the bylines of prominent academics. In short, we have drug companies writing ...
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  • First Federal Vioxx Suit Ends in Mistrial

    The first federal Vioxx lawsuit ended today in a mistrial . U.S. District Court Judge Eldon Fallon declared a mistrial after the jury could not reach a required unanimous verdict after 18 hours of deliberations. The nine person jury recessed on Saturday with five votes for the Plaintiff and four for Merck. Judge Fallon that the jury deliberated for a reasonable amount of time and entered the ...
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  • U.S. Leads the Way in Medical Errors

    A recent study performed by the Commonwealth Fund , a non-for profit organization focused on independent research for health care issues, indicated errors occurring in over 30% of patients treated. U.S. patients participating in the study also reported the highest rate of disorganized care. Even more disturbing is the fact that U.S. healthcare costs are amongst the highest in the world. Many of ...
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  • Anti-Depressants and Suicide

    The FDA recently mandated that all manufacturers of a class of anti-depressant drugs called Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) to include warnings of suicide and suicide ideation on their labels. Well known SSRI’s include Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and Effexor. Not only are these drugs linked to an increased suicide risk, but “off-label” use is widespread meaning that the ...
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  • Always the Treatment, Never the Cure

    One of the biggest flaws with the current state of drug development and safety is the focus on treatments and not on cures. Drug companies spend billions in developing and attaining patent protection on drugs that are designed to treat illnesses, instead of illness prevention and disease cure. The reasoning is simple math. More money is to be made through pumping the public with treatments then to ...
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  • Lawsuit Keeps Drug Companies From Blocking Generic Drugs

    A recent victory in an anti-trust class action brought against drug maker Smith Kline kept them from inflating the price on their drug, Paxil. Even the Federal Trade Commission was unable to do what a group of trial attorneys accomplished for the benefit of the public. Smith Kline repeatedly filed patent challenges to delay the introduction of generic forms of the drug. This is a tactic used ...
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  • Perrigo Infant Medication Recall

    Perrigo and FDA notified healthcare professionals and consumers of the recall of all lots of concentrated infants’ drops that are packaged with a dosing syringe bearing only a “1.6 mL” mark containing 1] acetaminophen,2]acetaminophen, dextromethorphan HBr, and pseudoephedrine HCl, or 3]dextromethorphan HBr, and pseudoephedrine HCl. The dosing syringe may be confusing in determining the proper dose ...
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  • Doctors' Plaintiff Side Testimony Chilled in Malpractice Actions

    Dr. Barry Schifrin was a well respected parinatologist and member of the American College of Obstretics and Gynocology (ACOG), up until he testified on behalf of the plaintiff in a medical malpractice action against another member of the ACOG. After his testimony, the defendant ob/gyn filed a complaint and censure against Dr. Schifrin with the ACOG citing unethical behavior while testifying. The ...
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  • Brandon's Arms: Flawed Handgun Design Paralyzes Child

    To give you some idea of the types of cases that the new gun laws will eliminate, consider the plight of Brandon Maxfield of Northern California. He was shot in the face by a Bryco Arms pistol, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down for life. A jury found that the safety feature on the handgun was defective. The safety required the user to put it on “Fire” in order to unload the gun. It is not a ...
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  • 23-Year-Old, Brain-Damaged Patient Sexually Abused and Impregnated at Chicago Healthcare Facility

    The mother of a 23-year-old brain-damaged patient found to be pregnant while living in a Bloomingdale healthcare facility has sued the company and the doctor who cared for the woman, alleging abuse and neglect. Cheryl Hale-Crom, filed a civil suit in Cook County alleging her daughter was sexually assaulted and physically abused by “agents and employees” of the Alden Village Health Facility for ...
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  • Jury Awards Widow $253 Million in First Vioxx Trial

    Justice was served in Texas today. The jury in the first Vioxx case to go to trial awarded $253 million to the wife of the deceased marathon runner, Robert Ernst. This award included $229 million in “exemplary” or punitive damages, sending a clear message to Merck that the public will not stand for the harm caused to potentially tens of thousands of Americans. The $229 million awarded in punitives ...
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  • $5 Billion Class Action Filed Against Teflon Maker DuPont

    Two lawfirms in Florida recently filed a class action lawsuit against DuPont alleging that a chemical in Teflon causes cancer and other health problems. The suspect chemical in Teflon is called perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts, known as PFOA, or C-8. The lawsuit asks the giant chemical company to provide medical monitoring to the millions potentially effected by PFOA, warnings placed on all ...
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  • Most Expensive Healthcare in the World; Lawsuits No Factor

    As if we needed another study proving that malpractice lawsuits have nothing to do with the skyrocketing malpractice insurance premiums. US citizens pay 53% more per person for health care than any other industrialized country. And in spite of the political rhetoric being tossed around by the current administration and in Springfield, malpractice lawsuits have little impact on these high costs. ...
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  • Kawasaki Recalls ATVs

    The CPSC and Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A., of Irvine, California, are recalling about 155,000 Kawasaki Model Year 2001-2005 Prairie and Brute Force All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). A significant impact to the front wheel of the ATV while the steering is fully turned to either side can result in suspension damage, wear and an eventual loss of steering control that could result in injury or death.
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  • Study Shows Non-Profit Nursing Homes Offer Better Care

    A recent study performed by the University of Toronto indicates that non-profit nursing homes in the United States offer better care than for-profit homes. The study considered 40 cases comparing non and for-profit nursing homes between 1993 and 2002. The study showed that residents in for-profit nursing homes had higher rates of development of pressure ulcers, were subjected to greater use of ...
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